Golden Dragon Adoptable
Starting Bid - $15
Autobuy - $100

Ashdei's adopts & commishes

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SB: 20$
MI: 2$
AB: 100$

Please open original file for a better view!

PayPal. USD.
Auction will be closed in 24 hours after last bid.
Payment must be send in 24 hours after notification about winning.

You will receive: full-res png file without background and full-res jpg file with black background.
[Plus extra art in case of AB2 if AB2 is available].

Ashdei-adopts terms of service:

No Refunds.
If you trade/resell/gift character, let me know the new owner.
After purchasing, you may edit character in new page, as long as the original design is still recognizable.
Use them for any purpose you want.
–°redit me for the design. Ashdei-Adopts | Toyhouse