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Average turnaround: 10D
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It's my very first auction so please bear with me! You might know me from YCH.Commishes, I'm under the same nickname :)

1. Please make sure you read my Terms of Service:
2. Once auction ends, payment must be made upfront and preferably within 24 hours.
3. Payment via PayPal only.
4. I work with visual references only. If you have only traditional references, please provide a digital color palette.
5. Depending on how much stickers you order, turnaround will wary; usually it's 1-2 months.
6. Winning the auction and then not responding/paying for the service will result in notifying the other bidder (if there is one) and blocking you from bidding on my next auctions.

- Any gender, any species, everything will work
- You can request any flags you want
- Anthros, ferals, ponies are a-okay!
- You can ask for different characters to be drawn, you don't have to limit yourself to only one
- You will see sketches before I start working on them to make sure you like it
- You can, of course, ask for ANY of those design in any amounts, you don't have to get different ones!


Tier 1: one sticker ($10)
Tier 2: pack of 3 stickers ($27)
Tier 3: pack of 5 stickers ($46)
More tiers will be added if needed!

If you have any questions, message me!