Snake hypnotized pony! Vore!
Starting Bid - $80
Autobuy - $120

Jane AnDer

Average turnaround: 2W
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Remember that this is just a sketch and the final render will be much better!!!

SB - 80$
MI - 5$
AB - 120$

♥ Any hairstyle!
♥ Any Gender!
♥ Bat pony, pony species!
♥ Payment via PayPal (on Boosty, if needed, I'll help you) in 24 hours(USD/RUB)

$80 or more - line, flat color, full shading

$110 or more - line, flat color, full shading + art half body.

I don't draw a cutiemark's!
+5$ if you want, I would draw a cutemark of your character. (send me png picture).

Payment: PayPall(only USD).

When winning the auction you will receive:
- The ability to see your character in the specified poses.
- Change any minor details.
- You will receive a finished work with a resolution of 3500 by 5000 pixels.

Performance of work - 3 days to 1 week

I get to work only after full payment.

Languages: RU/ENG
Сommunications: CRM or