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Average turnaround: 6W
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Well now I'm back with new little YCH for Christmas!
This is a base colored sketch! Finished work will look better and more beautiful <3

And at this ocassion we got this:

SB - 3$
MB - 1$

You'll get all versions (Individual and all in 1 picture)

3$ - Includes Sketch only

5$ - Includes Lineart

8$ - Includes Lineart and Flat Color

10$ - Includes Lineart and Shading (like in picture)

You can choose any background of your preference when reach Simple Shading



PayPal only

- Preferibly send references
- Any species (Furry or Human)
- You can choose hair style and expression
- If any question send me a PM
- Pls the winner must send an OC with similar proportions or any OC and I'll adapt it to the proportions that it seems in the base auction
- Deliver time 2-14 days
- Full prepayment on paypal within 2 days (USD)
- Start after paying pls :33
- No fake bids
- If u wish to keep it private the result, let me know
- I'll send you the progress at third day
- Sorry but if you win the auction I cannot refund, hope u understand
- The winner will be sent an unwatermarked PNG of the image above once transactions have gone through.


If you wish to watch my art: