Cozy evening
Starting Bid - $20
Autobuy - $70


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Thanks a lot for considering buying this! You're helping me get holiday presents for my loved ones :D

* Both characters can be any gender and any species - humans, ponies, anthros, furries, etc.

* You can choose the designs for the sweaters they wear, as well as request some background details to be added (mug designs, wallpapers, etc)

* The deadline is 1 week after getting paid. I'm free and can fully dedicate myself to your commission, as well as give constant updates if you need them.

* The coloring will depend on the final bid, see below for details.

If you're unsure or have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section, or at


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From SB to 35$ : clean colored sketch with simple shadows
35-50: clean colored lineart
50+: fullcolor picture
AB: previous style+extra art (colored sketch, waist-up, no bg or simple bg)

Thanks again! And have a nice day :3