YCH: Christmas deer
Starting Bid - $40
Autobuy - $200

ꂠꐞꂑꋊꁅ ꁅꌅꁲꌚꌚꍩꂦꉣꉣꈼꌅ

Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 5W
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Artist Info
SB: 40$
MB: 5$
AB: 200$

- Only male characters (Two girls or trans/herms+ $ 20, one trans/herm + 10$, I don’t draw hetero)
- You must provide a link to the character or a clear image of him, no verbal descriptions and soapy pictures
- Before a full-fledged work, I will send you a sketch for editing (three edits - free, then - $ 2 for simple & 5$ for more difficult)
- Any animal for the furry version
- There is a surcharge for complexity from $ 5 to $ 20 (mainly it goes for tattoos, a huge number of parts in accessories or color. If you want to know about this before ordering, you can write to me, I will answer you, and you decide whether to buy or not )

$ 40-50 - Black line and color
$ 55-70 - Color line, color, some details (sweat, tears, blush, of your choice)
$ 75-90 - Color line and color with simple shading
$ 95-125 - Color line and color with medium shading
$ 130-200 - Fullshade

Prepayment on Boosty - 100% (You can transfer money to this service via PayPal or a card, as it suits you, if you have never used it, then I will attach detailed instructions that will help you!)
- Deadline 3weeks
- I reserve the right to publish this work after completion (However, if you are against, then let me know in advance, we will discuss whether it can be published with watermark / censorship / cropped. If you cannot publish at all, then I will take an additional payment of $ 20 as you deprive me of a new job in the portfolio)