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Oh boy this is a big one. Can't remember the last time I did an animated YCH, but here it is.
Entire animation is 8 frames, 2 extremes, 2 breakdowns, 4 inbetweens. Orgasm ending is ~30 frames, with some duplicates and slight changes so it's really more like 10-12 original frames.
Worth noting that the finished animation will be more refined, even if it's a 'sketch', to prevent jittering lines and smooth the motion.

  • Any bipedal anthro species. Including ponies.
  • Wings are fine but they'll be folded on the back or splayed on the wall to prevent occluding the face
  • Dick is not a character slot and color is not custom.
  • Choices for the dick include Dog, Horse/Zebra, or Gryphon. Either random color or my character's colors, your choice.
  • 1 round of providing sketch + tweaks/changes before completion
  • Your bid will be deleted if I can't find a decent social media/commissioning presence by searching your username or email.
  • Fluids are optional.
  • The camera is on the floor looking up in a bathroom stall, that'll be more obvious in the final version.
  • Character or fur pattern can't be too complicated, such as tigers, zebras, or other striped/heavily spotted species or detailed designs.
  • Max 5 small accessories

  • Paypal or BTC
  • 25%-100% down payment required.
  • ~4 weeks maximum to pay the rest in full. Can be paid in pieces, but won't be finished until all payment has been received.
  • If detail is higher than a sketch, then rough sketch is completed at 50% paid.
  • Refund requests are prorated based on how much has been completed.
  • Refunds requested before work is begun are subject to 8% of final price inconvenience fee

Stretch Goals
  • SB - Rough sketch
  • 500 - Refined sketch
  • 800 - Lineart
  • 1100 - Flat
  • 2000 - Orgasm finish ( Hilting over knot, orgasm with a lot of cum. )
  • 2500 - Orgasm finish + pullout ( Previous goal, then unknotting with dick flop out and gape )

Good luck and have fun :^)
I like glory holes, though my char doesn't look good as a toony character

Her colour scheme is rather dull sadly
5/26/2019 12:35 pm
Comment deleted by the user
5/26/2019 9:14 pm