Fullbody comission slot
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Average turnaround: 5W
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Fullbody comission Slot

SB: $5
MI: $1
AB: $-

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-Payment in USD and via PayPal only, within 24 hours.

Paypal: kawaxyart@protonmail.com

-After 72 hrs without notice after first contact I'll close the comission and repost the YCH. (If you already payed and I'm already working I don't have problem with waiting)

-No refunds.

-Only serious bidders.

-100% prepayment

-Any gender/species

-Winner can do whatever they want with the img, the watermark will be minimum.

-Hairstyles and details of your preference.

-You must have ref of your character. Please no text descriptions.

-After a major advance, I always send a screenshot
[Sketch, Flat colors, Shading+Details]


Once auction is over I'll contact with the winner over Dm.

Thank you! ^^


For any inquiry send me a DM:
mail: kawaxyart@protonmail.com
Discord: Kawaxya #6984
Telegram: @Kawaxya
Do you accept OC's with no ref, but with a description on their appearance? Mine is however you'd design the son of Bianca and Hunter from Spyro.
3/27/2022 2:00 pm
Yes! That should work, we can go modifying it along the way
3/27/2022 5:06 pm
I'll give you 100% creative control, I don't want to be one of those guys xD as long as it actually looks like a rabbit- cheetah hybrid :3
3/27/2022 5:10 pm