Bubbles Party
Starting Bid - $35
Autobuy - $80


Average turnaround: 13D
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Artist Info
Note: this is just a sketch, the result will be much better please see my portfolio for more examples)

★Payment info★

-This is a non-physical work. The work will be sent to this website or by mail.

-Method of payment: Paypal (USD)

-Payment within 24 hours.

-No refund.

-No e-checks or similar.

-Full payment in advance.


★Requirements I need to work★

-An email to send the invoice.

-Reference of your character (not text)

-Approximate working time: 5/15 days


★YCH info★

-Exclusive slot

-Any gender/any species

-I accept: canines, felines and ponies.

-Alcohol can be replaced by chocolate or some juice.

Ask in the comments if your species is not on the acceptance list, please ❤

-If you want changes in the ych, an extra cost will be applied depending on the complexity of the change.

-Small accessories without extra cost.


You can check my finished works in my portfolio! ❤

If you have any questions, write a comment! ^^

Thanks so much for reading! ツ