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Average turnaround: 3W
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a character enjoying some time in the baths! (think...greek or roman baths, lots of columns and large pools, etc. this one can be indoor/underground, OR outdoor/garden style)

the finished piece will be in this quality/style:
(with a simple background)

IF YOU WIN: this picture will be edited to be the character of your choice!! you will receive the hi-res of this finished picture, as well as a smaller watermarked version to upload.
-- body type can be changed (big/small breasts, thinner/heavier OC, etc) but nothing extreme
-- you can choose SFW or NSFW, and what clothing, if any
-- the little plushy on the right, under the text, can stay Nix, or be changed to a character of your choice

** payment must be made within 48 hours of win, or the YCH will be forfeit, i'll relist the auction, and that person will be blacklisted
** i'll start after full payment is made and will work around other things in my queue (you can find my queue here)
** i provide a Work In Progress (WIP) at the "refined sketch" stage but can also provide flat colors upon request
** clean visual references ONLY

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