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Hello, my name is Liza, I'm from Ukraine. I spent the last month in an occupied settlement in the Chernihiv region. Only a couple of days ago I was able to return home to Chernihiv. 70% of this city is destroyed. People were killed in my presence, I saw hundreds of destroyed houses on the way back, words cannot describe what horror is happening here. What is happening now is just terrible. That's why I want to help my country by doing the only thing I know how to do - painting.
// If you are just interested in the current situation in Ukraine, you can write to me with any questions ( contact information below ), I will share with you my story and some terrible pictures.

Payments: PayPal, card2card

☆ Any facial expression
☆ Any hair
☆ Any clothes ( +10$ )

sb - 25$
mb - 1$
ab - 65$

☆ I'll start drawing after 100% payment.
☆ Pay within 48 hours, otherwise you'll lose the auction and I will post it again.
☆ Please do not bid if you are not serious.

- If the winner does not respond for more than 3 days, I have the right to create an auction again

Gmail - xlkdeal@gmail.com
Instagram - www.instagram.com/saykaruma
Discord - Liz#9545