Magic deer - adopt
Starting Bid - $35
Autobuy - $50


Average turnaround: N/A
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SB: $35
MI: $3
AB: $50

- Payment: USD via PayPal
- You will get full-rez (2000x2800 px) image with the character and owner's name, and any info (if required) without watermark

You will be available:
- Use this design in any your project, setting or role-play games
- Create any info about this character
- Make changes, redesign it
- Gift, give or resell it, but please notify me about it

- I remain the author of this design
- Please, credit the author if you post or use this design in project
- I can publish this artwork and characters on other sites
- I will be very glad if you'll show me new artworks with my designs ^-^

Please, feel free to ask any questions you're interested in, I don't bite