12Hr-Veyan/Goat Demon Girl Adopt
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Ayyy, I'm in a financial emergency, so here's my first adopt of my Veyan species! They're luxuriously soft goat demons created by Baphomet that tend to reside in The Abyss or Baator that have magical wings they can put away, and have blood that can transform others into their kind but at the cost of excruciating pain and high chance of death. This girl in particular is specifically a Stygian Veyan and even has a lil Asmodeus symbol on her earring! You can find more info here about the species (still a WIP): https://www.campfirewriting.com/write/public/element/species/species/619ce5018439f06de14342c8

Purchase comes with the full res file without the watermark AND the flat color wing ref/resource!

Art is done by me. Veyans are my own species and I own them. While they are not a closed species, I do want those created to follow the lore and traits of the species to at least some extent. Show me if you make one! I'd love to see! <3