SB: $60 | Reverse VK Sweater
Starting Bid - $60
Autobuy - $120


Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 1D
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General Things:
— terms of service can be found here:
— price of the YCH includes: cost of character, time spend on the background, and transaction fees factored into it.
— this auction has tiers, so I apologize in advance for any disappointment
— open to: human, anthro, female, femboy, and futa characters
— image above is only 1/2 (half) the original size
— ref sheets with flat color palettes are appreciated
— the character MUST be your own and not belong to anyone else
— finished version will be drawn on a 1800 x 2500px canvas @ 300dpi
— completion time varies based on the tier level reached
— updates will be sent via Telegram messages (Twitter / Discord / PM updates are also okay! Telegram is just preferred.)


— serious bids only please
— by bidding on a Questionable / Explicit piece you agree that you are 18+ years of age
— payment via PayPal in USD ONLY
— winner will be contacted via the site PM system once the auction is done
— an invoice will be sent to the auction winner and payment must be ready to send within 48hrs of winning bid
— if payment is not sent within 48hrs of winning the auction will go to the runner up
— if auction bids exceed $100 I’m willing to negotiate payment plans with at least half up front


Auction Ladder:
— SB+ soft shaded character with flat color background
— $100+ simple background
— AB detailed / painted background


Social Media:
— Telegram Channel (18+) ~
— FurAffinity (18+) ~
— Instagram ~
— Twitter ~
— 18+ Twitter ~
— Pillowfort ~
— Newgrounds ~
— deviantART ~