[ANIMATED] NSFW "Tentacle Beach"
Winning Bid - $---
Autobuy - $200

Papuri NSFW

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Average turnaround: 4W
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Any character and species are welcome! Wings and tails can be added

Any Gender/ Genitalia

SB$ - Only Lineart (Grey Coloring)
41$ - Lineart + Flat Colors
56$ or Over - Simple Shading
70$ or Over - Full Cell Shading
80$ or over - Full Cell Shading (+ Custom Background)
94$ or over - Painting version

- Price for simple designs
- Characters must be 18+ (Preferred 21+)
- 8$ extra for more complex designs and repetitive patterns (dots, stripes, anything that complicates the animation)

You can contact me at my Telegram @Papitosart or Discord Papito#5384