Summer YCH
Starting Bid - $80
Autobuy - $250


Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 5D
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Artist Info
Any Race! Any Gender!
The final version will be full-color.

Sb - 80 USD
MB - 5 USD
Auto - 250 USD

SB - drawing of the character without additional fetishes. Full-color art (simple line, single-level shadow, simplified hair structure)

140 USD and up - Full render art (neat line, contrast of multi-level shadows, detailed elaboration of hair, detailed elaboration of skin texture, rendering)

250 USD - Full render art + Nude version.

Without delay. Please place bets if you are sure that you can pay!

- 100% prepayment.
- PAYPAL via BOOSTY. (Patreon's analogue, it's easy there!)
- Full payment must be sent within 48 hours
- You can't ask for a refund or exchange
- I can draw any accessories, hairstyle of your choice
- Everyone who supports me on Patreon gets a 5% discount on all my work!

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask :3