Pole dance YCH
Winning Bid - $30
Autobuy - $200


Average turnaround: 12D
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It's kinda emergency YCH

-Why such a big AB?
My mom's birthday is soon (July 28) and I didn't have time to save up the necessary amount for a gift. It remains just a little. AB is something like your help. I will be in seventh heaven with happiness, if someone AB this YCH.

Attention: it is not necessary! It depends on your own desire and I don't oblige you.

As a gift I can draw a simple art with your character.


Some simple rules:

•Any species (furry, pony, human)
•Any gender (male, female, shemale, femboy, trans etc)

- I can adapt your feral character to furry
- No big wings (little wings is OK)
- You should have reference or images with character (no text description)
- I can change emotion and make the necessary corrections
- Full prepayment

Deadline: 5 days


payment with paypal