Chubby gymnast
Starting Bid - $5
Autobuy - $150


Average turnaround: 10W
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SB - 5$
MI - 5$
AB - 100$

The quality of work will depend on your bids
Even if you win a small bet, you can pay more for better quality.

Background I will draw from a bet of $50

AB - Version of how he spreads his legs and shows his genitals. Given that I planned to make it not puffy and filled with cum, you can do so that sperm flowed out of him on the ball

Small rules~
1. You must pay within 24 hours (in the extreme case it is possible 48h but you should warn about this)
2. All corrections at the sketch stage! Corrections on the finished drawing can be paid.
3. A small fee may be charged for various additions or corrections to the initial sketch, but this is rare.
4. I don't set myself exact deadlines, but if I don't manage in a month, then you can ask for any free sketch from me at any time!
Would be non-Chubby be possible as well?
7/16/2019 2:14 am
Yes, certainly
7/16/2019 3:53 am