24H Auction: Outfit adopt 1742
Winning Bid - $---
Autobuy - $285


Average turnaround: N/A
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Artist Info
Prices for Personal License (read below for commercial License)
SB: $50
AB1: $285

AB2: $400
You get your character drawn onto this base.
Sample: https://sta.sh/01sijux3cnxl

If you choose to AB2, you can AB here on YCH and pay the difference via Kofi but before paying the difference, please send me a DM with the OC details, so I can calculate the price for you (:

Payments must be made within 24h (
if you're waiting for your paycheck and it takes a few more days, please let me know)

Payment plan for AB options
1-2 weeks / $50 must be paid within 24h after the purchase

AB2: 1-2 months / $50 must be paid within 24h after the purchase
*Time can be extended if neccessary.

Please use my Kofi to pay:


Personal Lincense rules:
You can use the design for any non commercial project
You can make edits
You can add and remove elements of the Design
You can post on your Social media with credit and my watermark
You can trade (for art for example)
You can co-own the outfit with 1 other person when AB'ed

Commercial License: $1500
(Payment plan: Payment must be made within 6 months)
$150 must be paid upfront

You receive full, exclusive rights to resell the design in any kind of way

Artist agrees to not revoke, reclaim or take back the design in any kind of way.

If requested, I will send you a contract to seal this.

If manufactured in larger quantities (digital or physical) Please send me an email before purchasing: cherrysdesigns@outlook.com

Rules that apply to both, Commercial & Personal Use:
Do not copy the Design
Do not claim as your own Design
Do not make changes and claim as your own Design
Do not use unless you've purchased this Design

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Base by Me + Anrig

©️ Copyright CherrysDesigns. All Right Reserved.

Please note that if I find my Designs to be used outside of my stated rules, I will submit a DMCA Takedown Notice immediately and have my Art removed from any site where it is used.

-> Wattpad stories usually get taken down completely after a DMCA complaint.