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Starting Bid - $35
Autobuy - $100


Average turnaround: 6D
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Read carefully before bidding, please

**This is simply a quick sketch. The final result will be with much better resolution.**

--★ Payment Info ★--
-This is a non-physical work. The work will be sent to this website or by mail.

-Method of payment: Paypal (USD)

-Payment within 24 hours.

-No refund.

-No e-checks or similar.

-Full payment in advance.

-Estimated work time: between 5 or 14 days (depending on the complexity and corrections required)

--★ YCH Info ★--

-6 different frames (in total there are 13, but some are repeated)

-Any gender/specie

-This can also be canine or feline!

-No accesories please.

-Canvas size: approximately 500px x 375px

-Inspired by this gif I saw on the internet:

--★ BID GOALS!!! ★--

-SB or more: lineart + flat color

-$50 or more: lineart color + flat shading


Thank you for reading! ツ

Any questions you have, write me in the comments! ^^