Ych - Dance
Winning Bid - $50
Autobuy - $350


Average turnaround: 7W
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What about something bright, yes!
Maybe it will be just a dance, or you want to give her money to see something special?


• USD/Paypal
• You'll have 48h to pay. If there is no payment, then the auction will be reopened.
• I'll start working after full payment.
• Be ready to send me reference of your character.
• You'll get a high-resolution image.

Pony (just pony, robot pony, animal pony, e.t.c) and other, anthro, animals, other species, NSFW;

Don't draw:
Humans, robots with very difficult design;

SB - 50$
MB - 5$
AB - 350$

You can change;
• proportions
• outfit
• species

Auction will be end 48h after the last bid
For auction:
50$ - line, color, full shadows
More 100$ - NSFW
AB (350$): Full-quality art with good bg, NSFW, 2 outfits + 3 art bonuses, any your wishes
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I'll place the standard bid this time. If I'm out bid I'll accept it.
8/21/2019 9:05 am