The Giant Sphinx 2 - animation

Slot 1

Starting Bid - $100
Autobuy - $150

Horny Forest

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Average turnaround: 7D
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It's time to tame this giant girl. I'll give her a real orgasm!

6 slots total \ 2 sold

What include:
- You get personal 4k version + 1080p public version + one art "Real heroes don't look at the explosion"

- "Real heroes don't look at the explosion" - You can choose your pose, just send us the reference, also you can choose your slogan in a few words if you want to share something in the end of animation.

- You can choose 2 characters (male\giant female) or (futa\ giant female)
If you want futa giant female (+20$)

- If you want your own voice characters write to PM for details. You can choose and pay for the services of a VA, giving him the animation for the voiceover.

- You can change body settings (muscular guy, pregnant girl, etc.) Contact PM for details if you need it.

- You can change the rawness (if you want to make the texture coarser dry or raw, be sure to PM about it). There is an option to make the nipple detail you want on a giant woman, as well as to make "detailed skin"

- If you don't have an OC model but would like to see yourself in animation, that's no problem, we can make your model by reference from components (ask us about it).
If the model is without complex textures and elements it is free (included in the cost of YCH)

- For those who ordered Sphinx part 1, a 10% discount on Part 2 (Discounts with paid subscriptions add up!) (+5% Pegasus and +10% Unicorn - 20% max)
If you ordered the first part and want to order the second one without changing the characters, we can combine both parts into one big (free)

Boosty \ Fantalks \ EasyStart (Stripe)

We are a well-known studio that produces animation for a year! We guarantee you responsiveness and honest fulfillment of all works. We can create your OC even if you don't have a model! PM for details

Full version now in view (paywall Patreon\SubscribeStar)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in PM or comment