YCH - Refreshing drink

Slot 2

Starting Bid - $10
Autobuy - $50


Average turnaround: 2W
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Artist Info
Bid 10 or more = Lineart
Bid 35 or more = Drawing will be flat
Bid 45 or more = Drawing will be shaded
Bid 50 = Drawing will be shaded + also include nude version

✩Payment must be made within a maximum of 48 hours, if more time is needed please tell me.
✩Payment is made in advance and is per PayPal.
✩Ychs do not have a slot limit.
✩I deliver the initial sketch and the final drawing, if you would like more WIPS please tell me.
✩You can view my timeline information to see my waiting list and jobs in progress.
✩The commissions will be published in my social networks, it will be mentioned what they are commissions and will have a watermark (I will not mention names, but if you would like me to name or tag you please tell me)

✩Only female, all race or species.
✩Pose is not changed.
✩The drink can have the color you want.
☆The background will be a simple background.
✩Lingerie is personalized.