Custom Reference Sheet <3

Slot 1

Starting Bid - $20
Autobuy - $100


Average turnaround: N/A
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SB -> 20$
MIN - >5$
AB -> 100$

20$ -> Reference sheet with face zoom, mini chibi, full body reference with clothes only the front, and color palette with color basic. example of format and colored: www.furaffinity.../33593740/

35$ -> A version in underwear as well as a Pony, Animal Version or a pet of your choice is added to the reference sheet. As can also be an accessories section.

45$ -> All of the above with colored and simple shadows. Example: www.furaffinity.../33633808/

55$ -> All of the above with full details and colored.

70$+ -> I will add another section in a different perspective or whatever you prefer.


I can increase the price if your character is complicated (has more limbs than usual, complicated clothes or hairstyle or with many details)

If you want a nude or NSFW instead of a underwear version, a plus of +15$ will be added (Depending on how many poses you want from nsfw the price will vary)

Example of version NSFW: www.furaffinity.../33634254/

You will only get the finished image of the reference sheet in jpg or png format




°The payment will be in advance, you will have 48 hours to pay the bill that I am going to send to your paypal.

°Paypal only.

°It is for only personal and non-commercial use.

°It is not a base. Each reference sheet that I will do will try to be personalized.

°If you win the auction and at 48 hours you do not answer any of my messages by crm.commishes you will be denounced and blocked, and I will pass the prize to the second. (I put this rule since it has happened to me many times that they offer and then disappear)

°You will not be able to delete / edit / cut / cover my signature, and please if you can of credits that I have made the reference sheet.

°Iwill take 20 to 30 days to complete the reference sheet (it will depend on how many details the reference sheet you request has)

°I will only make a full refund if I have not begun to draw, if I arrive at the sketch I will return 50%, and if I already delineate and make the color layer will not receive any refund.

°If after completing the commission and you are satisfied you decide to request a refund by paypal, you will automatically lose the rights of that reference sheet.

Don't be afraid to ask or comment something ^^ / I don't bite