God Requiem Dance

Slot 2

Starting Bid - $80
Autobuy - $600

Kamaleoa Drawings

Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 11W
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Artist Info

•Sketch (no colors) - $80
•Sketch Flat B&W - $100
•Sketch Flat Colored - $115
•Lineart only - $190
•Flat B&W - $195
•Simple Shading B&W - $205
•Flat Colored - $350
•Simple Shading - $470

+$15 for Detailed Background
+20% of full value if any addition* is required for the animation

Autobuy - $600
(Additions are included on Autobuy)


•Complex Hair
•Flowing Clothes
•More than 2 Accessories (ribbons, hats, weapons, etc)
•Extra Limbs (arms, legs, tails, wings, ears, tentacles)

Original: https://youtu.be/Ci_zad39Uhw?si=h5Si3D2rCQ1PLhqW

Get 10% Discount on your next YCHs'

I draw:
• Any sex/gender
• Any Species

• You have to send me references of the character you want me to draw;
• I accept Paypal as payment method only;
• 2 ways to pay:
- Pay full value upfront;
- Pay 50% upfront and the other 50% when the YCH is done;
• Payment MUST be done in at least 5 days, or else your bid is gonna be cancelled;
• If you want to offer a higher price after the end of the auction, you are allowed to it.