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Coffee Make

Starting Bid - $10
Autobuy - $15


Average turnaround: 5D
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Hey everyone !! Would be great to find some good home for these babes, since I never come do draw them.

You will have all the rights on character you buy. You can rename, redesign, unlink with other characters, etc.
I can either send the unwatermarked files via Google Drive or, in case you have TH, just transfer them
  1. COFFEE MAKE 1 ref
  2. MINTY LEAF 1 ref, 1 art
  3. TBN 1 sketch ref
  4. YELLOW SIGHT 4 arts
  5. CHOCKO BAKES 1 ref, 3 arts
  6. TAYLOR - 1 ref(redesigned ver tho), 9 arts
I also have 2 character I cannot sell but just givout -- comment to claim

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Freebies are taken!!
11/30/2019 9:15 am