Kink Romance

Slot B

Starting Bid - $60
Autobuy - $200


Average turnaround: 8D
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SB: $60
MB: $5

Two friends had a good time with each other in nature, one did not notice how he accidentally approached a strange flower. He looked juicy and funny, how suddenly he grabbed crotch surprised pony. She was frightened, but soon fear gave way to pleasure, a flower sweetly suck her growing member inside the stem. Soon, the second pony will see these pleasures and voluntarily put on a pod. They merged in a sweet kiss, they were not lovers before that, but now everything can be different.

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Auction Rules:

- Any pony race, furry nice to.
- Male, Futa.
- Payment must be made in 48 hours after the auction ending.
- PayPal only.
- Bids and payment in USD.

If you win:
- You need to have a reference picture (not text).
- I will write on your mail.