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Average turnaround: 8W
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This auction is for bidding on slot 1 of my next commission cycle!
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After bids reach $1000, bidders will become anonymous automatically

  • You can upgrade to a higher tier by paying more after winning the auction, if you want
  • You can choose any tier at or below the price the auction ends at.
  • You can't split it into multiple lower tier pics
  • 2 characters of your choice
  • Includes blurry/simple background
  • Or 1 character of your choice, next tier up
  • Or Include 1 of my characters for the next tier up
  • Or 1 character and upgrade to detailed BG
  • Or 1 character anthro
  • NSFW or SFW
  • Any pose or angle you want
Restricted fetishes
This auction is not for:
Scat, Heavy gore, Diapers, Fat, Snuff, Underaged, Hyper, Fart, Inflation, Any vore that isn't oral, Same-size vore, Transformation, Extremely edgy OC's, etc.
This isn't an exhaustive list and if in doubt feel free to ask.

Payment is through Paypal within 1 week of winning, you can pay through site, or through Paypal Invoice to receive your discount from my Patreon

  1. Payment
  2. Talk details out with me through preferred method of chat
  3. Receive sketch
  4. 1 round of making changes and correcting mistakes
  5. Receive full shaded
  6. Minor changes and mistakes
  7. Final image

Alternate versions
You can get as many alternate versions (Cum, clothes, etc) as you want, charged by the hour it takes to draw them at $55/hour. We can discuss any you may want and how long they'll take privately. Must be discussed before finished art.

Please read "Rules and Policies" and "Conditionals" here. And know by bidding you accept them.
Dumb magic CGA-colored fart cloud >=V
11/19/2018 4:50 pm
No u
11/20/2018 12:05 am
11/20/2018 8:57 am