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I've got an Animated YCH pony Animated GIF Open for People who have magic using ponies. (I know a few people who have pegasus ocs that have magic without a horn ^^ )
Because this ones longer and may take at MOST 2 weeks to make, the price is $45 (Not free.. Sorry to those who expect free art out of me.. you want, ya gotta buy.. these take ALOT out of me. :c )
Keep in mind I dont mind doing a stallion oc, but I will need to Remake the animation itself which is no problem. but stallions ARE Possible. ^^
And I can also do a filly or Colt OC with this same animation as well! I will be taking UNLIMITED Slots, but keep in mind first come first serve! meaning I will do all the commissions in order.
PAYPAL ONLY! Web curencys such as deviantart Points, or Amino coins are not accepting for my animation commissions. I have bills I need to pay, and lately I cant even afford to feed myself most times.)
so for this type of commission Magic users only. basically anyone who can levitate or use magic. ^^

Credit tiiime!!:
This flash puppet rig base itself is new and I got it from someone on deviantart named Sun Busting ^^ and is free use for anyone to animate with, make ocs with, and sell animated commissions as long as credit was given to them ^^

The animation itself was created by me!
Lunar eclipse example done by me
Lunar is my oc.

Please let me know if you are interested!