Crumpy Coffee Cheeb
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Join the tired/grumpy army!
This multislot YCHs is all about that Monday-morning feeling. It comes with a free choice of expression and minor adjustments to your liking!

Are you tired? Grumpy? Pissed off with everything around you? LET THE WORLD KNOW.
Not much of a coffee fan? No problem! The beaverage in your hands can be freely adjusted. Tea, Cocoa, Energydrinks.. or maybe just flipping everyone off. You can also add small accessoires.

- Any species is cool with me! Large wings might get chibified, though.
- we're a naked grump army. So not fully clothed (single accessoires are no problem though)

PLEASE AUTOBUY THEM - there are endless slots with a waiting list, so no need for bidding :)