Bathhouse YCH | Female Only

Slot 2

Starting Bid - $30

Aquas Sirenix

Average turnaround: N/A
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Bid Rules:
-30$ - Sketch Art (Start Buy)
-60$ - Full Art
-Version without steam - +10$ to bought version;

Rules for this YCH:
-If you have character with unusual or exotic specie - ask in the comments!
-Female only;
-Face expression can be changed;
-Body type can be changed (Fatter or thinner)
-Sweat can be added;
-Dialogue can be added (free option)

-Final Art will looks better, than the thumbnail.
-I can send you updates to clarify if there everything right.
-Work will be done in 1 week after the payment.
-If you'll have any another questions, you should ask me before pay something. It can save our time if something goes wrong. You can also ask things in the comments of auction, if you don't get everything clearly.
-Would be better if you sent me your character reference with a few of views, not just picture of them. It's not so critical, just it'll let me to draw them more correctly.

Payment: Paypal (Prepayment of 100%)