YCH animation

Slot 1

Winning Bid - $30
Autobuy - $150


Sold (PAID)
Average turnaround: 10D
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Bids (1)
Artist Info
Species: Any (furry, human)
Gender: Female
animation will be sketchy and 12 fps

Start Bid - $30

Any hairstyle, any tail
Accessories can be add

The final animation will be more neat and fully lined, colored and with shadows.

Payment to PayPal only

After end of auction I need the reference of your character.
I'll start working after payment (100% down payment required).
Your art will be finished not later 20 day after full payment!

Thank you for participating in the auction!
can the breast size be shrunk
11/19/2020 8:37 pm
Yes, I can do it
11/21/2020 12:12 am
Comment deleted by the user
11/21/2020 7:51 am