2. Kitty

Winning Bid - $---
Autobuy - $50

ꂠꐞꂑꋊꁅ ꁅꌅꁲꌚꌚꍩꂦꉣꉣꈼꌅ

Average turnaround: 2W
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Artist Info
SB: 5$
AB: 50$

- You must provide a link to the character or a clear image of him, no verbal descriptions and soapy pictures
- Before a full-fledged work, I will send you a sketch for editing (three edits - free, then - $ 2 for each)

Information about rates (prices are for one slot):
$5-13 - Color sketch.
$ 14-19 - Line and color without shade.
$ 20-29 - Simple shadows and light.
30+ - Full shade

initially the background is the same as on the sketch, one color, two different tones, or a transparent background. For a more detailed background there is a surcharge of $ 10 to $ 30, depending on its complexity. This can be clarified in advance before paying.

For all questions, you can write to me personally, I do not bite^^

PayPal only with 80-100% prepayment at least.
- I will contact you within 24 hours after winning
- Deadline 14 days
- I reserve the right to publish this work after completion with lower quality / watermark / censorship