3D YCH Snow Ball


Starting Bid - $30
Autobuy - $150


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Average turnaround: 2W
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3D Commission (Snow Ball)
Read description carefully
Hi dear~ Im Daria and im 2D and 3D artist you can check my portfolio here

-i will sculpt for u any character without retopoloigy (not for animation, if you want to make animation with your character, then you can find a specialist who will optimize the model for animation)

human, anthro, pony, transformers, mermaids etc.;
any physique plumpy, thin, muscule;

at the end you will receive:
>a file with a 3d model in t-pose (.zpr or .obj)
>file with 3d model in the pose that you choose (.zpr or .obj)
>renders of the model in t-pose and ur pose (.psd)
+[art rendering in the environment(hdri) as a gift] (.jpeg)

PayPal and Skrill only

For OLD customers(for those who have 3d commission full body from me):
your 3D model in snow ball- $30
with new christmas suit - +$15

For NEW customers:
Character's Nude body (with some accesories) in snow ball - $99
Character With clothes(of different difficulty levels) in snow ball - $130
Character With armor element/mechanical solid objects in snow ball - $150

[for all slots +2 stuff objects FREE]

waiting time: ~7-20 days

*100% payment immediately
+You will be updated regularly of the work in progress (here or in instagram)