Taking a Bath
Winning Bid - $25
Autobuy - $250


Average turnaround: 3D
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Hey there! Hello to everypony! :)
Here's everything you need to know about this auction:

— Please, no fake bids!
— Payment first, I accept PayPal, Payoneer or PagSeguro (BRL) as payment methods.
— Have references ready with you. (If you don't have one, I suggest you to create yours through Pony Town)
— Long text descriptions are NOT allowed. Very short, resumed descriptions, are ok.
— The winner can choose any characters of choice to replace the actual one on the scene.
— I can change expression, add and change many stuff (don't be afraid to ask me before payment if you have any doubts).
— Any race and genders you'd like. Only ponies and creatures alike (zebras, changelings, bat ponies, gryphons, draconies, hybrids)
— As the bid gets higher, better can be the final result of it. I might do extra versions with accessories, more expressions, and other or more contents for you (like, for example, an animated version):

$25+ Simple/Soft-shaded. (example: https://derpibooru.org/1944387)
$60+ Fully-shaded/Detailed. SAFE and/or NSFW (example: https://derpibooru.org/1909541)
$100+ Animated version and/or clothes, accessories and extras! (example: https://derpibooru.org/1401151;

— Sometimes I do commissions during livestream on Picarto. If you don't want me doing it on livestream, let me know.
— This is an unfinished artwork, which means, the final artwork will be better and probably will be slightly different of what you see in here.
— Canvas size is 6614x 4677 pixels in 400 dpi resolution. (A3 size)
— I speak English and Brazillian Portuguese.

NOTE: The final artwork with extras will be all released on my Patreon page with every Patreon related content I do, for everyone that supports me on Patreon! And a smaller version of it will be uploaded to Derpibooru (and/or Deviantart if it is SAFE). If you have something to complain, let me know and we shall talk about it.
— This artwork shall not be traded or sold commercially as it is intended for personal use only.
— By participating on this auction you agree with what is said here on this auction's description.

You can check SFW artworks I did on my Deviantart or NSFW ones on my Derpibooru.

Still have any doubts about it?
You can talk to me on DiscordApp:

Click HERE to join my Discord Server!
Or talk privately to me, my Discord ID is: Guilherme (Calena) #2127
Also you can talk to me in the comment section below.
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I'm new to this site. Is there any way to raise my actual bid?
2/11/2019 7:44 pm