Kawaii Momo Style CUSTOM

Slot 3

Starting Bid - $10


Time Left: Updating...
Average turnaround: 3D
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Artist Info
https://sta.sh/21qe7dscpzx All additions you can watch here
You can see my work in my gallery

Simple colours - 10$
With details on skin, clothes 12$
Full artwork with shades 15$
Simple background (colour, geometry, blured photo, etc) - FREE

Complicated character/background will cost +5$ on top of the base price.
3 simple changes is FREE. After that 1 change will cost 1$.
If you want to change character oufit after ercieving colored version of previous outfit - it will cost +3$

I can make simple add-ons on this base - only 3$ for 1 thing.

Base creator Nebychko
Design creator Okameinko
Character owner DarkEMan224

Deadline - from one week to one month but i'll try to do this ASAP