Custom 3D Oppai Mousepad

Slot 2

Starting Bid - $80


Average turnaround: N/A
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Winner will get one mousepad with custom art of whatever character they want! You can choose to have a paw, your character with paws up, a body shot with something akin to the wings in the preview, or a butt shot. It's important that the art fits the design of the mousepad, so only paws with pads please! And only other designs that would fill the two bumps of the wrist rest.

*SFW* Only!

Cost for a custom mousepad is $60
Cost for a full color commission is $40
(A cost for the custom mopusepad as a commission would be $100 dollars)
Goal is at least $100
If you reach the double price of the starting bid you will get a second mousepad.

the winner of the auction will be required to:
-join my discord server where we will discuss details of the character and what pose you would like
-discuss shipping address with me on discord
-ships worldwide after 4-5 weeks for production
-Payment through PayPal