Video YCH Streets Challenge


Starting Bid - $60


Average turnaround: 2W
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(before placing a bet, make sure that you have the payment and there will be no extraordinary accidents. please... )

Hi dear~ Im Daria and im 2D and 3D artist you can check my portfolio here (main 2d NSFW) (main 3D)
And check other auctions in my profile here :з

- payment Paypal/card via boosty

-i will draw for u any character in lineless paint

if there is one outfit, then $50
if 2 different outfits as in the example then $70
if 1 outfit and 2 nude, then $38
human, anthro, fantasy characters;
any physique plumpy, muscule etc;
with/without clothes

the video sequence is only 7 seconds long, but I can make it longer, just ask

background will the same but i can to change it for extra coin

waiting time: ~6 days

*Payments starts after sketch is approved

by the way!
I'm open to 3d commissions
welcome to my profile

🌸see ya🌸