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2. Party Fleur

Starting Bid - $20
Autobuy - $100


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I present to you these three adorable puppies
1. Lyle Pond (SOLD)
Though he have fragile and shy personality, when it comes to his two favorite things, origami and watching the river stream he could forget just about anything around him
Likes: origami, lakes and rivers, rainy days, his frog friend | Dislikes: crowded places, loud talk
2. Party Fleur
Despite her name she is the foundation of every party, decorating everything with the brightest colors and cooking the prettiest cupcakes. Very responsible and supportive nature
Likes: strawberry cupcakes, dancing | Dislikes: messy workspace
3. Big Lokk
Knowing all awesome places to spend fun time is second priority to Lokk after attending at all of them to share the laughs and making new friends. His uncontrollable positive energy is what moves people to join him in any activity
Likes: bringing people together, riding roller skates from hill | Dislikes: ending of day

Starting Bid - 20$
Autobuy - 100$
Every Autobuy getting a reference sheet and full Art with their OC

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