Upside Down YCH
Winning Bid - $165
Autobuy - $200


Average turnaround: 12D
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Upside Down

Another quick YCH! More info below!

- - Basic Info - -
  • PayPal only (I'll send you an invoice!)
  • Any gender!
  • Expression can be changed (e.g. tears optional)
  • Any species welcome!
  • NSFW only (duh) Will include cum edit!
  • Finished product will be fully shaded and have a simple background
  • Will be finished within one month once paid for

Only bid if you can afford it please!

- - Payment - -
  • Full payment up front
  • Must be made within 48 hours after the auction has ended
  • PayPal only, I’ll be sending you an invoice!

- - If you win the auction - -
  • Please have a reference picture of the characters you’d like drawn ready as well as all your paypal info!
  • I’ll contact you here via PMs! :)

- - Complications that might arise - -
  • I fall ill
  • Bidder can't pay

- - My TOS - -

My TOS apply to every kind of commission, that includes YCHs like this one. Among other things it clearly states that by buying a commission / YCH from me you are paying for digital goods.

By bidding to or buying the YCH you accept my terms of service.