Adoptables Pack! Spotted girls ♥

Starry dragoness

Starting Bid - $30
Autobuy - $70


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I really love these girls. q3q Hope they find loving hands. ♥

The first in the pack is Madame the unicorn. <3
She was very fond of the sun.
The version without decorations is also attached to it.

The second in the pack is a dragoness - a star wanderer. <3
I made her a small schtick in the form of horns in which the stars twinkle. x3

The price for each - $60.

I will make for you a small reference list for them. <3
If you want to have a full reference list, it will cost $120. It includes two versions (back and front) and headshot ♥
By the way! I can change some details in the design, if you want to buy it, but some detail confuses you.

Thanks so much for reading, have a nice day! ♥