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Winning Bid - $40
Autobuy - $40

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Average turnaround: 11W
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Paypal no longer works in my country, as well as other services. I created Boosty, the Russian equivalent of Patreon. It's tested and trusted.

Guide how to buy adopt\YCH\commissions on Boosty (it’s easy, you can pay via PayPal):
Video Guide:

Me on Boosty:

I realize that this is not the usual way and new to you, but to keep working, it's the only option I have at the moment.
payment will be made at the through a Boosty post I created for a one-time payment

Head or chibi flat color - 15$.
Head or chibi full color -20$.
Halfbody flat color - 20$.
Halfbody full color - 30$.
FullBody flat color - 30$.
FullBody full color - 40$.

I draw: nsfw, sfw, nudity human, anthro, OCs,
canon characters, pony.
I do not draw without a reference.
second character + 100% of the price
simple background +50% of the commission price.
No refunds.
deadline 1 months

more examples of work here

If you have questions or want to discuss some details send me a dm or my Twitter