(YCH) NSFW Hot couple on sofa

Slot 3

Winning Bid - $---
Autobuy - $80


Average turnaround: 15W
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Hello and thank you for your participation ♡( ◡‿◡ )

* Free X-Ray version and the second pose (lower right corner)

* Let me know if you want the second pose since it is not automatically included.

* What gender allowed: Only male above and only female below.

* The tails of both characters are not visible but will be in the final product.

* Full payment is required to start the commission. I work with invoices so I will need your PayPal e-mail address.

* Allowed body types: pony, bat pony or changelings(+8Usd$)

* Two characters available

* Estimated delivery time 30-35 days or less

* Only PayPal

* If you want to make any changes to the base, there will be an extra charge depending on the change.

* In case you want to add large accessories, an extra charge will be applied depending on the size of the accessories.