[YCH] In you go~

Macro - Pink A

Winning Bid - $---
Autobuy - $30


Average turnaround: 7D
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Artist Info
This auction may not be unique, I might reuse this sketch at some point in the future but as of now I haven't posted it anywhere else (besides a FA advertisment)

All slots are going to be fully shaded

Pink Macro A:
SB: 25$
MIN: 1$
AB: 30$

Green Micro B:
SB: 35$
MIN: 1$
AB: 45$

Blue Micro C:
SB: 35$
MIN: 1$
AB: 45$

If your character is detailed I'll be adding a fee to the price, ranging from 3$ to 10$ (probably won't exceed 5$ tho)

I'm fine with any species of anthros as well as humans and humanoid creatures
The penis can be of any straight shape - no wavy/bent shafts, the rest of the shape can be freely altered

Expressions and moods of the micros can be changed,

I'm open to any questions, either in the comments or in messages