Over-Crotch YCH

Slot A

Winning Bid - $80


Average turnaround: 3W
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Base rules
  • Open to all genders and species! (if winning character has no penis they will be drawn wearing a strap on).
  • Characters must be adults.
  • No hyper muscular or hyper fat characters.
  • Expressions on the blank characters can be changed. Body proportions can be altered within reason.
  • You can bid and win on multiple slots.
  • Payment via PayPal. Full payment must be delivered within 48 hours of winners being notified. Failure to pay on time will result on the slot going to the next highest bidder.

This is a tiered auction, additional edits, if any, of the final picture will depend on the sum total of winning bids

Sum of winning bids = $100 - Additional cum version
Sum of winning bids = $125 - Winners can choose which Overwatch character's they're dressed as.
Sum of winning bids = $150 - Additional "DVD" version (An edit where the piece will be framed like a DVD cover)
1 Comment
This is going to be sweet
6/18/2019 7:52 pm