Witch on the beach
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Average turnaround: 4W
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- Second character - 100% of the cost
- nsfw version - 50% of the cost

Turnaround time: 3 day-3 week (due to time zone differences)
o Any gender.
o I need a link to your character after the auction ends.
o You can add ears, horns, tails, wings.
o You can make changes at the beginning of the work for free (I also show the work process)
o You can choose any emotion, if I do not understand in words, I will ask for a reference of the desired emotion.

o I always upload the version with your nickname in my portfolio. You are the only one who has the originals.

Pay with Boosty
Due to the sanctions, PayPal temporarily stopped working in my region. I will tell you in detail how you can pay for a drawing through boosty!
-Payment within 48 hours
I start work after payment.
If you have questions, you can ask: