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Purple - Neck Biting

Winning Bid - $---
Autobuy - $100


Average turnaround: 14W
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Any sex/gender/identity
Any pony species (Pegasus, kirin, etc)
Keep in mind this picture takes place in a story based around slavery. Your character doesn't have to be a slave (they can be a customer or maid) but others may be.
Your character will either be nude or in one of these uniforms (Tier 3 and under):

Feel free to DM with questions before bidding

Finished product will be complex shaded
Autobuy for an additional picture of your character with her.

  • Character must be 18+
  • If your reference(s) is/are traditional, text descriptions, heavily shaded, or don’t communicate the details I’d need to draw, it may be a $5 fee. Please contact me if you are unsure.
  • No changes to pose or size.
  • Contact via on-site PMs ONLY.
  • Payment within 24 hours of initial contact. Paypal USD only.
  • No refunds.
  • Turnaround time 3-6 weeks.
  • No WIPS.