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Fixed price: 35$

► Prepayment on Boosty - 100% (You can transfer money to this service via PayPal or a card, as it suits you, if you have never used it, then I will attach detailed instructions that will help you!)
►OC & FC
►Any kind: Human, furry, anthro, feral, pokemon, dragon, aliens, it doesn't matter. Likewise, any gender
►The background can be a flag or fill with one / several colors, a simple pattern is possible like glitter, "nimbus", Wreath and so on, everything to your taste, no additional payment will be required for this (Unless there are too many details, then another 5 $)
►Emotions on the avatar depend only on you, choose any
► Deadline 3 weeks (this is with a margin in case of unforeseen circumstances, otherwise I usually work no longer than one)
► For any questions, feel free to write to me in private messages or comments under the post