YCH 'Boba Tea' [OPEN]


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Since i was a little late for last YCH and i saw this everywhere, i decided to do another one!
I think this is really cute u_u
I hope you like it too!
This will have 5 slots, and the prices is for both characters, of course ^^

-You can change the gender of the character.
-You can change the facial expression.
-Obviously you can choose the clothing or to have them nude.
-You can bid on many slots as you wish.
-Can be any species, monster and human.
-You can request to change the bodytype or minor details like it.
-You'll get to full res version of the drawing.
-To claim a slot just comment saying you want it.
-I can wait as much as a week for the payment, so if you're waiting on your paycheck you can claim a slot anyway : D

Payment must in USD and through paypal.
Set price! $80
Coloring style will be Cell Shading.

Slot 1: Masterchiefhammer (DA)
Slot 2: Vidgamer123 (DA)
Slot 3: Rubi_Dagron (FA)
Slot 4:
Slot 5: