YCH 'Master And Slave'
Starting Bid - $20
Autobuy - $150

Adopts, commishes & YCH's

Average turnaround: N/A
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Artist Info
SB: 20$
MI: 2$
AB: 100$ (Full render with possibility to change background and add 1 version with different outfits or face expressions)

- Monochrome sketch: https://sta.sh/02944z46cqy6 20$

- Colorful sketch: https://sta.sh/0al1021wrbb 25$

- Clear colors render: https://sta.sh/0h691c6pj0f 40$

- Comic page render: https://sta.sh/02g4qf6ozp5d 45$

- Comic illustration render: https://sta.sh/0151fqbd1tha 50$

Change background completely +20$

Add version with different outfits\liquids\face expressions +30$

Add props (objects) +10$

You can choose:
- Gender
- Species
- Any clothes (or no clothes at all)
- Any face expression

You can't change:
pose and composition

~YCH T. o. S.~

- 100% pre-payment.
- Payment is a donation, via Paypal or card, I'll send you instruction.
- No refunds.
- You need to provide image references of your characters.
- Renders are not upgradable. If you ordered a "monochrome sketch" and than decided to change it to "full render", you'll have to pay for it in full, as for new YCH.
- While working on your YCH, I'll send you at least 1 middle-step picture to clear the details.
- YCH could have multiple slots, but never on the same time and site. You don't have to monitor all my links or register on different platforms to claim it. If it said "OPEN", it means "OPEN".
- I have the right to use it as example of my art, unless you buy commercial usage.
- Commercial use is 3x of initial price. [You'll get version without my signature]
- You can't copy, modificate, trace, use it as NFT, claim that the art is yours.